What's play'n?

A quick strategic game for up to four players. It was very close, everyone at most a point from each other.
First time playing the retro version.
A nice little co-op game with a traitor mechanic.
First time playing this cute little game. Very similar to Fluxx.
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At least I didn’t finish last. All choices were bad almost every turn.
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A strange game, one player didn’t even get to play.
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Three Doctors got exterminated by Daleks during the first round.
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Great update to this old favorite.
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Playing a fast game of 6 nimmt! Got only one point, and still didn’t win.
First time playing this game. Seems pretty neat.
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Nyårs-Pandemic på fyllan!
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Finally get to play this 4X space game.
Won my first game of Ethnos yesterday. By a single point.
Uploads 2fo 1bpu4nrr3g5p1jlo1s1d1i24b557 2fimg 4489
First time playing this game. Seems rather silly.
Last time playing Fluxx here at Bishops Arms. Sad.
Uploads 2fo 1bi1pu780bks1mer16e0n9btl7 2fimg 4256
Trying out El Grande. So many placement decisions.
Uploads 2fo 1bgbse8oddq8195p1m49jt9o9b7 2fimg 4236
Losing badly in this press your luck game. As I always do in them. Pretty nice game though.
Uploads 2fo 1bgbr3v8bhunadg1n4tavs1207 2fimg 4235
Lost by two lousy points!
Uploads 2fo 1bet4plo119qjn0m1583iug3u7 2fimg 4208
A cute little pirate game.
Uploads 2fo 1bet2cbjs5ji1qso1sv21r5112lq7 2fimg 4207
Losing this time. Killed the green squirrel. :(
Uploads 2fo 1belqml4019b0100slrf1gv414pt7 2fimg 4205
A nutty little game. As always, it's impressively much strategy in a tiny package.
Uploads 2fo 1bdhkmlfs1sog8151mp06g41e6u7 2fimg 4190


First time playing a game from the second pack-o-game set.
Uploads 2fo 1b8fcmejl13eu1ojr18381agb1ebg7 2fimg 4111
Winning! For now.
Uploads 2fo 1b6mrvci2vlj1r181uv6cfgert7 2fimg 4015
Playing a new Pyramide Arcade game.
Uploads 2fo 1b08e87dm1qho197m1k5c5319vj7 2fimg 3866
We are bad psychics, who couldn't find the murderer.
Uploads 2fo 1aut0onmn15fuhe59521jhu1lcb7 2fimage
First time playing this tiny kickstarted game. Very fiddly.
Uploads 2fo 1ar8urnjl1vm1o2p1sbp1bia8mb7 2fimage
Playing while helping Ola with his first homebrew. My mining tactic didn't work.
Uploads 2fo 1alajked01u061b7e1d961ajsa5a7 2fimage
It's the Swedish version. The card game is better than the original.
Uploads 2fo 1ak6qfs8t8vlh7k15ik1r5h12ej7 2fimage
Won two games of NSFW Exploding Kittens. Both times exhausting the deck to the last card.
Uploads 2fo 1ajkhluq51sin1uua13lcata1vb57 2fimage
Beer and boardgames Bishops Arms.
Brain busted.
Uploads 2fo 1acsg4q2jmsh1rfq1sho14pm1te67 2fimage
Playing a prototype board game.
Uploads 2fo 1acs98ed01gr38fddnl1a0ouob7 2fimage
First time playing this kickstarted game.
Uploads 2fo 1a8ufnp1oet61h6lv211bmc1u3a7 2fimage
Third time in a row winning Monster Fluxx by @LooneyLabs today!
Uploads 2fo 1a8ubgmnqtmsr571oaq1h0k2eg7 2fimage
Got the longest road with all but one of my train cars. I might be winning. :)
Uploads 2fo 1a8f5m3gl1h79n5e19348mjcin7 2f1452208165371
Cabo verde dungeon bashing!
Uploads 2fo 1a645orkt1r2upnn58g1qi012227 2fimage
Playing a dice brewing game at the pub!
Uploads 2fo 1a640vsic9sk3lan4v1ggf1v507 2fimage
Played a couple of rounds with too many players.
Uploads 2fo 1a3s4srjg1dbtak1sb16g812k8 2fimage
I'm using a minimalist agile strategy.
Uploads 2fo 19v1mu5hg171m120m158ah0k1n9n8 2fimage
I'm not quite the most horrible person, but I'm trying.
Uploads 2fo 19u0bgl9tgi01phfb9o1mpbmn88 2fimage
Lost by one point. Not much of a game. Played during a live stream while brewing a beer.
Uploads 2fo 19tvk5dss4ef12ot16iv1k7es1g8 2fimage
Live brewing and first time playing this little game. Impressive for a such small package.
Uploads 2fo 19s7ukmno1ct76es13t01lmmb398 2fimage
At least I won this game, mostly by not lying.
Uploads 2fo 19s7sdeuknb010bn160219r0bv98 2fimage
Lost big time to my brother's girlfriend first time playing.
Uploads 2fo 19qrm0861sivmnq18j1cv1gte8 2fimage
I won! World domination is mine! Had 42 million population left. :)
Uploads 2fo 19oasc1p11e821qjcek23sd8cl8 2f1434884319042
Gimme more points for describing, dammit!
Uploads 2fo 19o90bvm01tei1cc0fla1f5doq28 2f1434821436009
Tuna race lost!
Uploads 2fo 19o89ldhr190t3g11iahsun1rmm8 2f1434797604904
Någon stal min tonfiskbåt.
Uploads 2fo 19o85irvjqhbjfddrc1gi41m8i8 2f1434793345353
Publishers get ALL the money!
Uploads 2fo 19o6pp45i1hb9rsr179ef8sbrl8 2f1434747418469
Tiospelarparti. Tokvinst!
Uploads 2fo 19o6khmsj1pbo1h4b1bs3ukq8bm8 2f1434741935134
Frustrerande palatsbyggen.
Uploads 2fo 19o5kfqer15q2u6s1ftjc76k8i8 2f1434708322223
Cheesy factories!
Uploads 2fo 19k0rbiu11sid138464c1ect1uq48 2f1430252769315
Indigo madness!
Uploads 2fo 19k0k2fb01bh31uhf1dks123b1mnb8 2f1430245143538
Building a fairly crappy spacestation.
Uploads 2fo 19jh5biif1ts91ae819j71lt33qj8 2fimage
Playing this game for the first time. Sems easy, but is kind of tricky to explain the rules.
Uploads 2fo 19jgv9uiv1doio8eh661jjco2o8 2fimage
Playing an old favorite.
Uploads 2fo 19j74jr55ngpqrudfk1bji17o88 2fimage
First time playing this game I bought in Florida.
Uploads 2fo 19iv3ukj5a6q1ns3oghe3c9ag8 2fimage
I won by having someone give me their goal and then connecting the elements for me. :)
Uploads 2fo 19il2g3b21j2u1j1848lnc7tne8 2fimage
Almost a train game, but not quite. I like it. #TableTopDay
Uploads 2fo 19iku8nvn1tbm7671dbjo1871f8 2fimage
Finally get to play this game. Seems really great.
Uploads 2fo 19ikphol71fiu1apg1000mtulnj8 2fimage
A bit complicated scoring, but pretty good stick taking game.
Uploads 2fo 19ikchtcajvv1saj18fe1li91o5j8 2fimage
It's been a while since I played this game. #TableTopDay
Uploads 2fo 19ik8jqkt1tou1edu5l31iecpne8 2fimage
Force feeding the panda with some bamboo.
Uploads 2fo 19ik43leci6qfjl8lo1rqu8a68 2fimage
Starting #TableTopDay with a couple if games of Monster Fluxx. I won the first game!
Uploads 2fo 19i362f3b1gbre0o1qc014477p08 2f1428183596560
Samuraiiii pokr!
Uploads 2fo 19i2mpg3jbe1b0619hrlmvqjp8 2f1428167585152
Oh, no! I wanted desert too!
Uploads 2fo 19i2d5tan1tbqdvfggpeqft2u8 2f1428157518609
Slow building panic.
Uploads 2fo 19htrf4v21ol118st1nctt1j12c38 2f1428004711533
Not of to a good start...
Uploads 2fo 19htonuq91754el41pfs181n9pn8 2f1428001892647
Crash the dungeons!
Uploads 2fo 19htmbslv86r16jv10eiu8b1o1l8 2f1427999365766
A quickie!
Uploads 2fo 19h95dnma1hpv1689rle13ep1ml48 2f1427310538102
Twin attacks!
Uploads 2fo 19h95fj4h60oj7r15c11tbc14qd8 2fimage
First time playing this little dice game. It's easy and has some strategy.
Få men naggande goda!
Uploads 2fo 19gn7pn3tq44cqn1ph10pt1u9r8 2fimage
Playing this kicksterted game for the first time. Seems pretty nice.
Uploads 2fo 19gcpimhd57p1io21o334kea008 2fimage
Wrapping up the brew day with a game of Love Letter.
Uploads 2fo 19gc1i7umhmac4pcv5137ms58 2fimage
Brewing a beer while playing the Brew Crafters boardgame. #beerandboardgames
Uploads 2fo 19db36idf3cv1u0g1pt41n3e1m298 2fimage
Kinda fun. Everybody gets to do something every round and some tactic.
Uploads 2fo 19dat7dvd11l0108p1kgs5mbq9v8 2fimage
This game is a WTF. Might be one of the worst card games I've ever played. Expected more.
Uploads 2fo 19cp45r7piq41v4hul2i0s2l78 2f1422477323119
The princess was victorious!
Uploads 2fo 19copm3fan9acbav0hlff1neu8 2fimage
About to start playing Bora Bora on a very small table.
Uploads 2fo 19cjth0151udh4o4123a17m61i898 2f1422302654972867376824
Uploads 2fo 19c74kdnau4d1ka11s18oco958 2fimage
I've bought three new Fluxx games in the last month and still don't have them all.
Uploads 2fo 19c6vsnhjpp12a11tao63a1lhn8 2fimage
Filthy McGreen's won by being the worst!
Uploads 2fo 19c6tdns91o4s6ej1hvv35s11v28 2fimage
First time playing after buying it in Florida. Really like it even though I'm dead last.
Uploads 2fo 19bqos56v1vo5187n193h1ee81dn68 2fimage
Kind of like Elder Sign. Pretty neat little game.
I like it, a new spin on Love Letter. Also, I won! :) /@cloakandblaster
Uploads 2fo 19bqjjvld1he3moq1iiqj841p4e8 2fimage
Nice little strategy game that fits in a small pouch.
Uploads 2fo 19bnrus1c1ehf1k5q1o321d5k1qh48 2f1421361493789867376824
Uploads 2fo 19bcmg69a1ndi74668ksvgn7j8 2f1420986653777
Cthulhu threatens the world, once again!
Uploads 2fo 19b83rj7a19ci1falviuru9fb58 2f1420832905499867376824
Uploads 2fo 19aiu4algcam1v03hld1o6n1eop8 2f1420122203043
Vi måste förgöra Cthylla.
Uploads 2fo 19aiqj2n89q0aq8cth10sq1r1r8 2f1420118517434
Ahh... frisk luft!
Uploads 2fo 19aiomsfjsbf1ll119pg1h3c1sps8 2f1420116565121
Försvarar fortet!
Uploads 2fo 19ah0gfni166pn59ln69faigc8 2f1420057605333
Middagskoma, perfekt för lite deduktion.
Uploads 2fo 19agi15171vko1pgp5llr951cf88 2f1420042429311
Bondebingo! NEJ, _inte_ ko-bingo.
Uploads 2fo 19agcfn0p10k61qv11blr1ge71qje8 2f1420036618839
Åkte fast, och det var prällens fel!
Uploads 2fo 19ag874c2hcsrghq5n5s11khv8 2f1420032124241
Kommer Kalish Ninefingers överleva Robobos mäktiga dungeon?
Uploads 2fo 19aeo31rk326eua1vk4e7vbc78 2f1419981667477
Det är lååångt till Indien!
Uploads 2fo 19aegrv9m14o31mk2vflk4a1uno8 2f1419974121561
Dags att sälja lite konst!
Uploads 2fo 19ae6g62k1p221upc11go1kgg1s4a8 2f1419963249540
Dags för 8 minuters imperiebyggande.
Uploads 2fo 19ae4pk7hkhfpn9b6j85rb5b8 2f1419961433251
Fem drakar och åtminstone en lång och vindlande väg.
Uploads 2fo 19a6padb11t2q12q11o2mlb1unv8 2f1419714362361
Just a quick game, with one of the yule gifts.
Uploads 2fo 199l23g0k2k253q16p81pusk7v8 2f14191197702441068879369
Uploads 2fo 198qvfmek1efj1shj1ap8121j1t728 2fimage
I won again! That's three games tonight. :)
Remembering things is not my thing. I won though!
Uploads 2fo 198qqj21pens1h41g74ppb12vr8 2fimage
Yet another Fluxx!
Uploads 2fo 198qphs4n1veh1nhtsit13uiacb8 2fimage
First time playing this stressful game by Looney Labs.
Uploads 2fo 194h7q5jm1q1r1gb21v22o2epf48 2fdsc 0355
Shub-Niggurath is gonna die!
Uploads 2fo 194fkpnpf1hr5279dn2v0tq5b8 2fdsc 0354
Frenka och Parne redo för strid
Uploads 2fo 194ahe19t14uf10r179p1km6103v8 2fimage
Second time playing this game, I kind of like the resource economy.
Uploads 2fo 19406jc1r18pl19cvjmte9hk138 2fimage
A short game since we can't decide on a big one for six players.
Uploads 2fo 194063kcn1fgh9dk1o7k16hbe3o8 2fimage
Great little trading game.
Uploads 2fo 193tcelst2fj1cgs13eqqir1k3g8 2f1412956586959
Jocke fegar Tobbe gasar!
Uploads 2fo 193tbmbkl1vo91kkn1mgq1qc2g668 2f1412955811723
Winning dragon!?
Uploads 2fo 1922h7mit5heo6k1dhr1anf1nce8 2fimage
Rolling through the ages in a two player game. #spelbar
Uploads 2fo 191glhevbpca1j82dm01ltl11gs8 2fimage
Two games of Cards Against Humanity. #spelbar
Uploads 2fo 191gb5c49li2n03tdupnf1m5t8 2fimage
First time playing Smash Up. #spelbar
Uploads 2fo 1918psokfvib1b8rek91als1lmb8 2f1410118585212
Doomsday machine in a close race?
Uploads 2fo 1918limal9ug1sp1mq1u23hkl8 2f1410114020209
Getting my ass handed to me by the puny humans!!
Uploads 2fo 1918h7u5q1clle2d1og01u8i1p1l8 2f1410109513512


Uploads 2fo 190u9v9pvt021t2i117j1ibd8hq8 2fimage
First time in forever playing this traditional game. #spelbar
Uploads 2fo 190u5a223qr21b77n001ver1t808 2fimage
Finally get to play this game, but I'm a bit distracted by everyone arriving. #spelbar
Uploads 2fo 190cjiqf4u0e1ldd1bkb3p71vdd8 2fimage
Slacking our day away in Chez Geek. #spelbar
Uploads 2fo 18vq7tu6u1rqi1d0e15u8qi7q7q8 2fimage
We're trying to overthrow the government in Coup. I just got assassinated! :( #spelbar
Uploads 2fo 18v85h0o71rra1nv110j78d1ib58 2fimage
The princess doesn't want my love letter. #spelbar
Uploads 2fo 18umdrebtprq87grnr859mqd8 2fimage
Shub Niggurath is going to take over the world. #spelbar
Uploads 2fo 18rs13pih1em6jm6asjdq1ts68 2fimage
Cyber Bunny didn't survive attacking tokyo. #spelbar
Uploads 2fo 18q628ra11jkf1aiv18pf12pl1f8o8 2fimage
First game ended with no kittens blended. Second game with 29 at once. #spelbar
Uploads 2fo 18nbs6b14q5s1ee245fr96tu78 2fimage
First time playing the kickstarted game Get Lucky. #spelbar
Uploads 2fo 18l41qer71pfg801mf71c3g5vs8 2fimage
It's a wonderful parade. #spelbar
Uploads 2fo 18l3vnre315gqs1f1l9sofs1ffi8 2fimage
We're abducting pathetic humans. #spelbar
Uploads 2fo 18l3okm641c8t113g9d1d9a3008 2fimage
I'm the master at delivering love letters. #spelbar
Uploads 2fo 18l3njimj2gs17ep1vsj4n16pe8 2fimage
I made the winning roll! But I didn't win. #spelbar
Uploads 2fo 18l2mmvs2i9b6d4hsb1bug1a928 2f20140408 221908
Uploads 2fo 18kprv6c41031ag11m321m6e12gg8 2fimage
Guessing pictures isn't my thing. #spelbar #tabletopday
Uploads 2fo 18kppnahi13tm185414s512ha1f468 2fimage
Anders is playing something else than Dominion! #spelbar #tabletopday
Uploads 2fo 18kpmmi0e1dk84tmc52dmb1m338 2fimage
Feeding bamboo shoots to the panda. #spelbar #tabletopday
Uploads 2fo 18kp66mks1i2a1287it3huk1sl58 2fimage
I'm the warrior in good old Talisman with three expansion boards. #spelbar #tabletopday
Uploads 2fo 18kp4bpve6461pk4pvo8t418h18 2fimage
Love this simple game from Looney Labs.
Uploads 2fo 18kp3g1a61mg9sj0qlv1qriomm8 2fimage
The second round I at least got to roll twice.
Uploads 2fo 18kotp629rr6o21dthdpi1p4r8 2fimage
We survived our first time in co-op Room 25.
Uploads 2fo 18ki4i7h111mbt681tb6am1qsi8 2fimage
We released the Kraken! Nice game, but cumbersome setup.
Uploads 2fo 18ki4elubdp111lgjule837ib8 2fimage
I liked it, but I need to play another time or two to get the hang of the strategy.
Uploads 2fo 18k051cbn2oe7mlgngl4kln68 2fimage
The awful green things from outer space are hugging the poor ship crew to death.
I'm Lady Lauren, the narcissistic psychopath.
Uploads 2fo 18jvral0il0sme9h271dbf1abj8 2fimage
Werewolf with a helper app.
Uploads 2fo 18jlosodh5as1oikmp9a541use8 2f1395521339448
So much weapons against Azathoth! Sister Mary:bless,no bless,bless,no bless,bless!
Uploads 2fo 18jdv9qq41vun1mi21sib9b72g78 2fimage
I'm not good at delivering love letters to the princess.
Uploads 2fo 18jdnoil110vc14vd6e8p1roi8 2fimage
Warming up with a short game of Le Boomb! With my experience, I won easily! :)
Uploads 2fo 18irufois14rhsc7b601lq811q58 2fimage
We cured all pandemics! #spelbar
Uploads 2fo 18irop7pt1mrjq8fhgj5eeel8 2fimage
Happy panda eats a lot of bamboo.
Uploads 2fo 18hnph9umlpvgd61jkf2gm144q8 2fimage
The table isn't big enough for our infernal contraptions. #spelbar
Uploads 2fo 18h5oc4gqs9bf0cl5u1o9qvu38 2fimage
We failed to get a sandwich for our dark overlord!
Uploads 2fo 18h5o86d317rf19sb1kb9rue16ql8 2fimage
The witch traded places with a dragon.


I found one set! :)
Uploads 2fo 18gjqsibjpq31a0bj6o13sfrn28 2fimage
It's a parade in Wonderland!
Uploads 2fo 18gjk5vto1ac717n8avnnmooph8 2fimage
Keep on rollin' !
Uploads 2fo 18g1pi0gt1eor13di1afc1qh3ik28 2fimage
Viva la revolucion!
Uploads 2fo 18g1k7bb75susfmdv2m2a1r9k8 2fimage
First time playing after seeing it on TableTop.
Uploads 2fo 18f5qbaaseqp1g5f16feeg41l1s8 2fimage
Yog-Sothoth awoke!
Uploads 2fo 18f54kssi13plli01d03vp61gq18 2fimage
Första gången på länge jag spelar spelet.
Uploads 2fo 18f53608q8pc14ka1c36alc15sg8 2fimage
Lite mer intressant än The Resistance med fler roller som har extra information.
Uploads 2fo 18f5328hfsak7bh196dn591el98 2fimage
Två omgångar. Jag förlorade.
Uploads 2fo 18etvc7178pq1ns51h1q6uk11md8 2fimage
I'm the best at delivering burgers made out of minced ninjas!
Uploads 2fo 18etlibef53hgub1eduuqkj7g8 2fimage
The sabotuers won! :( Bastards!
Uploads 2fo 18ebt7m2th8bl04pk0lur1i7f8 2fimage
I was hoping it would be better than Zombie Dice because of player interaction, but this game is broken.
Uploads 2fo 18ebifukpg9o1teg1do71oe31dsd8 2fimage
I don't think I'm winning.
Uploads 2fo 18d7manoomph1l20k3fnfteal8 2fimage
Aquaphobic radiation waste site win!
Uploads 2fo 18d76h6ceiaoso11acnk2m19v88 2fimage
With a dreamer.
Uploads 2fo 18d75dbshqnafuj17k5ndu11lc8 2fimage
The road behind us.
Uploads 2fo 18d70sunc1mjdned19m2164a135m8 2fimage
Science wins again. Blah.
Uploads 2fo 18d4lbafl1lko1npg5jl4d56rd8 2fimage
Cut throat, romantic, postal action.
Uploads 2fo 18d4g1kagjlluauig67nm1uds8 2fimage
Ouch, you need to have an income?
Uploads 2fo 18d2ongks16kn1un3d41j146h8 2fimage
Annoying humans!
Uploads 2fo 18d2m1k831n1dnie6he48658t8 2fimage
Not that easy to overview.
Uploads 2fo 18d2gjrp11lpvu4mg6sthl1v2l8 2fimage
Red dragon wins! Beware of the Yeti.
Uploads 2fo 18d2c7akumajaot6t31bmkqs48 2fimage
The way to Edo ahead.
Uploads 2fo 18d294aec123of041o9k4ra1ejo8 2fimage
Still works ok with an extra sixth player.
Vi vann på sista draget!
Uploads 2fo 18c3ncnml586q9rbsuvrf1cbg8 2fimage
The Cute Fuzzy Alien Creature ran away with the Evil Alien City.
Uploads 2fo 18c3jt2in3r01qfm15vm14er1enu8 2fimage
The sheriff almost won!
Uploads 2fo 18c3h3fr93jr1lq310a3783k1j8 2fimage
I won on a tie since I had the magic book.
Beware of the skrals!
I am kanalpaddling!
I won!
Uploads 2fo 18bhgv0u9t6s3mqdg6l3a1m08 2fimage
I forgot about the points system.
Uploads 2fo 18bhbkekhsot2nj1cut130gses8 2fimage


I'm the worst at this game.
Uploads 2fo 18bcmpcbp122j1ukj17ue137hvufg 2fchrull boomb
I exploded again! =(
I would've won if I'd remembered Mr. Enthusiastic.
I turned out to be a traitor.
20131120 194224
Äntligen, trots regelutformningen.
20131120 184738
Mystisk mark!
I didn't play.
Sb45 granligan agricola2
Pics or it didn't happen!
I exploded! :(
2 hour setup. But seems fun now that we've started playing.
First time playing.
Vi vann!
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